Marina Bay Sands

 It’s one of the biggest hypes in Singapore for 2010.

Sorry for the late review, here we go:

-Shopping: From Bally to Dunhill, you have it all here! But where is Lanvin?
-Swimming: One of the best swimming pools in the region with the million dollars view. 200m above the bay, 150m length of outstanding scenery, what more to ask for?
-Art & Gallery: Elvin Costello, Lion King or Kitaro anyone?
-Food: Fancy a date with Wolfgang Puck for a steak? Or passionate cuisine from Guy Savoy?
-Hotel: Modern touch!

-Shopping: Don’t bring your spouse here; it will be a day-light robbery!
-Swimming: I love to swim in private and not to be viewed like a Nemo inside the aquarium.
-Art & Gallery: When it comes to art, nothing to complain about it!
-Food: Ku De Ta is totally over-rated (again!)
-Hotel: What a lucky bastard, if you get the marina bay view! God bless you if you get the highway view!

I will opt out for Marina Bay Sands! It’s purely my own take. With that budget being spent on the hotel, I will expect something really personal and private. Indeed, what I get is the overcrowded feeling and mediocre room.


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