Fullerton Bay Hotel – Singapore – 80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326

Before proceeding to the leisure reading, I would like to encourage us to have an intense 10 seconds of silence for the catastrophe in Japan.

Thank You for joining me!

What is staycation?

Staycation is a great solution for those who crave for short gateway with no budget to splurge. A couple of alternatives for staycation are: massage, spa or (for me) hotel gateway. No hassle of flight ticket, transportation, big luggage and money!

3 intense signs that you need a superb staycation:

  1. Blurry vision
  2. Stiff muscles all over
  3. Sudden migraine attack

And the lucky one for the week is Fullerton Bay Hotel – Singapore. It is hard to know exactly when I fell in love with Fullerton Bay. Was it the hospitality of the young and lovely staff? Or was it the tropical rooftop pool facing the Marina Bay Sands? Or was it too much of the beer that I had?

Either Way, in Fullerton Bay, everything is so relaxing and away from the crowds. Some of the key points in the hotel:

Rooftop Pool: Surrounded by exotic landscape facing the Marina Bay Sands with a mini Jacuzzi to chill. What else can I demand for?

The Clifford: Redefined elegance to the next level with the exquisite excellence of art. Not to mention the fresh flowers and high ceiling grand chandelier.

The Lantern: One of the most hyped rooftop bar with amazing view for cocktails, champagne or wine. It is a must for chic lounge lovers!

The Landing Point: I have to succumb to this Moroccan (a bit) style bar. It submerged so well onto the hotel vicinity. Classic!   

Verdict: A world class boutique hotel! definitely will come back for more!


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