ColBar – Singapore

9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate, Singapore

After a very deep contemplation, we (10 of us) decided to give ColBar a shot! I love the ambience of Whitchurch area, greenery patch with bird chirping all around the vicinity. Blame it to the windy day, I felt sleepy even before my meal.

When it comes to ColBar, I’m a little confused of the mismatched décor. Don’t get me wrong, the theme is 80s, but there is no consistency. Tried the Chicken Maryland with fried banana as a side dish (yeah, you heard it right!). Anyway the chicken is good (not great!)

Things to watch out:

  1. It’s a non air-con dining!
  2. A superb list of beers to choose from
  3. The waiting time is not short!
  4. It’s a good place to dine if you do not want to meet anybody that you know
  5. Night time, insect repellent anyone?
  6. Drive there if you have a car, Cab three if you have the money, Bus there if you have a budget and don’t ever try to walk, sweetie!

A few steps away, there is a Laurent’s Café and Chocolate Bar, please give it a try. The hot chocolate is rich!


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