6 Restaurant Escapes With Incredible Views

Who doesn’t like to dine with a panoramic view? It’s one of my many personal fetishes. Thanks to Cynthia Rosenfeld who has compiled an easy reference list for us to chew. Myself, I have been to S.O.S and passed by Gulai House, couldn’t agree more with Cynthia on these 2.

So, here we go:

RAW Huvafenfushi, Maldives

Whether going barefoot down the jetty or getting there wet by a breast stroke, the Maldivian fantasy island’s RAW Huvafenfushi over-water eatery will momentarily take any appetite away. 

Once eyes can focus off the 360° water world, attention turns to the kitchen’s theatrical concoctions, like the igloo carved to serve premium sashimi.

Live lobster gets dunked in fondue and local reef fish carpaccio come topped with wild mushrooms, pink peppercorn and pomegranates, making healthy dishes here often better dressed than the diners.






S.O.S. Anantara Seminyak, Bali

Spread eagle to eat atop massive daybeds on the S.O.S. Anantara Seminyak‘s elongated rooftop with the Indian Ocean directly below.

Seminyak Beach’s highest nightspot even has a glass clad catwalk for hungry exhibitionists to strut their stuff between courses. 

The Indonesian satay combo arrives on a sea monster-inspired charcoal burner and the Spanish menu reads like a list of aphrodisiacs.

Those who choose among four prime cuts of Black Angus steak can have their slab served cooked to order or blue as the views.


il Teatro Wynn Macau, Macau

Noses will rise and faces go jaded at the thought of choreographed fountains.

Yet even the über-sophisticates hush up inside the il Teatro Wynn Macau’s triple height dining room as water swells from the 230 foot wide exterior lake.

When the performance reaches its dramatic climax, only a nude diner could distract the crowd.

Accompanying all this visual stimulation are Southern comforts like the black angel hair tossed with Sicilian red prawns and a Mediterranean sea bass with artichoke crust and smoked clams. 


Kahanda Kanda Galle, Sri Lanka

Appreciate the walls-free hilltop dining room of Kahanda Kanda Galle where curves grace oversized urns on the smooth polished concrete floor, ideal for dining bare, at least on the feet.

The Sri Lankan chef works primarily with ingredients from the surrounding fertile fields, or in the banana tarte tatin, freshly shaken off the swaying branches.


Khmer Village House Siem Reap, Cambodia

Diners arrive at Amansara’s revamped village house on stilts more than a thousand years too late to watch Khmer kings in Srah Srang, the 10th century royal bathing reservoir just across the dirt path inside the grounds of Angkor Wat.  

Instead, would-be voyeurs can entertain themselves by picking vegetables on these bountiful grounds then cooking an indigenous feast over charcoal braziers, assisted by the private chef.

He’s ready to take charge of the curries when heating things up in the kitchen becomes more of a chore.


Gulai House, The Datai, Langkawi, Malaysia

Surrounded by virgin rainforest, Gulai House with it’s thatched roof establishment on Langkawi’s northwestern shore is a sight for a green lover’s sore eyes.

Working up a ravenous appetite for pakoras, chicken tikka, and daging lada hitam, aka wok-fried beef in black pepper and kaffir lime, is mandatory.


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