Enchanted Rock – Fredericksburg, Texas – USA

What is it?

Enchanted Rock is an enormous pink granite rock formation. In a nutshell, super duper big rock!

What to do?

Visitors can enjoy easy backpacking, camping, hiking, picnicking, geological study, bird watching, and star gazing

How to go?

Less than 3 hours drive from Austin, Texas.

How long to complete?

40 minutes of hiking up, 1 hour of sunset sighting and 30 minutes of walking down.

Is there any age limitation?

My 50++ y.o. mum can do this. Dare you ask this question?

What to watch?

The bathroom is at the bottom of the rock. Please make sure you don’t have a turbulence tummy before hiking. (Speaking from own experience for urgent poo-ing!)

When is the best time to visit?

Practically, all year long. Hellow, it is Texas!!

What to wear?

Sports shoes with no Manolos!

Is it highly recommended?

Oh-la-la YES – for outdoorsy person only!

Special Acknowledgement:

Thank you very much for my part time travel buddy cum photographer, Mr SC.

Believe me, he is good and doesn’t bite. And you can view more of him at



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