Jeeva Klui – Lombok – Indonesia

Jalan Raya Klui Beach No 1 – Lombok Indonesia


“The Waroeng” – Relaxed open air restaurant facing the swimming pool with panoramic view of the beach

“The Wallace” – Air-conditioned small room with full collection of travel directories cum arts catalogues. Special mentioned to the binocular for star-gazing and board games to pamper ourselves at.

“The Pool” – Small and cosy swimming pool with perfect sighting for sunset!

Perfect Scenario:

  • A Korean lady with an I-pod and a notepad spoke broken English to the waiter at “The Waroeng” with regards to Lombok.
  • A Caucasian lady used the full Mac facility to browse Facebook inside “The Wallace”
  • A local with Caucasian boyfriend were snuggling each other for comfort (I think) next to “The Pool”
  • There were we, with our lemon grass sipping through friend’s 30th birthday. Toast!

Check List:

  • Modern Luxury Room – Checked!
  • Exotic bathroom – Checked!
  • Friendly Staff – Checked!
  • Private beach and pool for swim – Checked!
  • Cocktails and Mocktails – Checked!


  • It’s an open air bathroom, no mosquitoes, but not sure about peeping tom. We just need to bring out our very own exhibitionist once in a while (and I’m proud of it!)
  • No gala entrance with fancy hoo-hah, it’s just a small gate with friendly staff to welcome you. But once you are inside, you will be amazed by the décor.

Verdict: Purely high-class indulgence. Sttt, secret……..! The price is not expensive! Due to aggressive marketing, I can foresee it will shoot up anytime by now


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