Padma Resort Bali – Legian – Bali, Indonesia

Once, I got a question from a friend who would like to try Bali with the criteria below:

  1. A children friendly hotel, because she got two extra baggage (a baby girl and a 4 y.o boy)
  2. A decent resort-like hotel room with an ambience which has a thick beach feeling
  3. A comfortable swimming pool to laze in the morning and tennis court for the husband in the afternoon
  4. An international meals throughout the 3 days 2 nights stay
  5. A not-too-quiet and eerie hotel and surroundings, better still if they have some traditional markets around.
  6. A lounge or bar to keep the alcohols intake on balance.
  7. A budget of USD200-300/night

So, I have to spin my mind around and decided “Padma Resort Bali” (Jl. Padma No. 1, Legian – Bali 80361) has it all.

My answer to:

Point 1:  There is a “Kids Club and Games Centre” inside. Move your kids to the baby sitters and it’s time for you relaxation.

Point 2: The room is great and you don’t need to have a beach-feeling because there is a stone-throw-away real beach

Point 3: They have 2 swimming pool (Lagoon style and normal pool) and tennis court

Point 4: Padma Resorts has

  • International Café –Taman Ayun
  • Italian Cuisine –Bella Rosa
  • Japanese Restaurant – Tenkai

Point 5: Located in the Legian, it will be quite a busy night!

Point 6: And have I mention “The Sunset Bar”, one of my favorites in Bali with amazing Sunset!! (Arlow, it is sunset bar!).

Warning: The band can be quite a turn off because I’m just 20’s not 40’s!

Point 7: Catch them during promo; you might be able get a cheaper rate!

Enjoy your second honeymoon darling! It is all worth the penny!


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