Gili Islands – Lombok – Indonesia

The Gili Islands are located just off the northwest tip of Lombok, Indonesia. There are lot of daily boats to and from Gilis. Gili Islands consist of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno with their very own character to suit individual liking.

I love the serenity of the islands! In a rare sight of developed islands, all forms of engine transportation are banned from the islands. No cars, no motorbikes, and the only way to roam around the island is horse-drawn carts, which is known as “Cidomo”. Expect some racing between the horses, which can be really cool!

Most of the community is Muslim. Pay respect with your dressing is a must. Do not roam around the street with your 2-piece bikini! (“You got it, you flaunt it” phrase does not applicable here, no matter how massive your asset is)

Gili Trawangan is the largest and most visited of the three islands. Party animal will fancy this island the most. Magic mushroom is everywhere but please consume at your own risk.
Gili Air is the closest of the three islands to Lombok. Expect the best beach here, clear, clean, crystal water with powdery sand!

Gili Meno is sandwiched between the other two better known islands. It’s the most laid-back island with no disturbance from anywhere. Just sit back and relax! Feel the tranquillity of the beach and enjoy the cool breeze of the wind. Snorkelling for turtles is a must! You will be thrilled by swimming next to the turtles which can be as long as 1m ++.

Note: Don’t miss the view of the whole island by cycling!


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