Hospital Pantai Mutiara – Penang, Malaysia

Warning: No fancy photos in this entry!

  • Departed from Singapore with emergency, I was tensed
  • Arriving in Penang with Dr House saying no chance of survival, I was shocked
  • Holding his bigger-than-normal, stiff and cold hand, I was petrified
  • Having to hear his last word, I was honoured
  • Having to command Dr House to release the pain, I felt unfilial
  • Dr House injected the needles, I grimaced
  • Nurse Betty released the tubes, I teared
  • Nurse Betty took off the oxygen mask, I cried
  • We let him to listen to my siblings’ last notes over the cell phone, I trembled
  • The breath was getting longer to none, my heart broke
  • Nurse Betty checked on the pulse, my hand sweat
  • Dr House pronounced the time of departure, I wept


He is my papa for 28 years and always be, hope I can see him again in my next reborn. Rest in peace and we love you!

6 thoughts on “Hospital Pantai Mutiara – Penang, Malaysia

  1. May he rest in peace. He is the proud husband of a fantastic wife, proud father of 4 filial children, and proud grandpa of 3 handsome boys during his life. I think that’s a wonderful life. On the side note, I think your writing is very colorful despite the content, mixing humor (the reference to certain characters didn’t escape me) with tragedy, who would’ve thought?

    • Hi Vin,
      Thanks for visiting! hope u will come back here to visit me often.

      Our distance will be getting further……:(

      Yah…..this is one of the emotional entry. life is fragile, just try to be happy every day! 🙂


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