Travel till the world ends

Sharing is caring. And I would like to share an article from CNN which is worth a glance. Shame on me, only been to 1 out from 11 places mentioned in the article. Long way to go……

More pictures at:

(CNN) — It may be the end of the world as we know it, so travel like there’s no tomorrow.

Well, maybe not exactly. Listeners of Family Radio, a Christian broadcasting network, have deemed May 21 a “Day of Rapture,” leading to Judgment Day and an eventual apocalypse.

The travel team here at CNN decided to make an Armageddon “bucket list” of sorts, places we’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t quite made time to visit. From wonders of the world to sun-soaked islands to the literal end of the world (Antarctica), we’ve picked some of our favorites.

So start living, book your plane ticket and travel until the world ends.

But before you start hastily packing, where would you go if you could travel anywhere? What are your bucket list destinations?


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