Bromo, Tengger, Semeru National Park, East Java – Indonesia

Bromo is magnificent. I wish I can write “20 Places to Visit before Apocalypse” and this will surely be one of them without any doubts! Clearly, you can see Mount Semeru (3,676m) as the main background followed by Mount Bromo (2,329m) in the middle and Mount Batok (2,470m) in front. Bromo is easily noticeable with the entire top has been blown off and black smoky ashes all over.

I would like to define Bromo in 4 chapters, which are:

  1. Gunung Penanjakan (Mount Penanjakan)

You have to wake up early in the morning with chartered jeep (save your BMW at home) and cruise a bumpy ride up. Be prepared to walk the grainy, stony, muddy uphill hiking + 200 steps to reach the top. For physically challenged group, you can ride a horse (or pony?) up, to save your breath.

2. Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) + Poten Temple

Sacred temple in the middle of the sea of sand, exotic? Yes! I have seen millions of pictures portraying this part of Bromo and to be there personally is just my privilege.

3. Savannah

Dying for a lush greenery topography which is a rare sight of the metropolis Surabaya city, here is the greatest escape that Mother Nature can provide. Serene landscape and chilly weather are the perfect partner for a warm cup of coffee.

4. Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand)

This is one of the highlights for Bromo trip! For ladies, remember your pashmina. For guys, remember your buff. I barely could open my eyes during my short stay there. The whispering sand can get quite fierce at times during the day. And I couldn’t help but wonder how the villager could survive in this area!

And for the accommodation, we went for “Java Banana Bromo Lodge”, Jl Raya Bromo, Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java. Do they have a nomination for the longest road in the world? I could nominate “Raya Bromo Street” for it!

The price tag for a night is not cheap. But by judging from the delightful moments during my stay there, I would define “Java Banana” as splendid! There are only a handful of mini hotels that can pull off the combination of cozy lodge and amazing gallery. Don’t expect the room to be spacious because minimalist is the concept! Love the gallery that could showcase Indonesia as a “UN: Unbelievable Nation”! The name has it; please try their special banana serving! Yummy and crispy!


  • Bring your best travel buddy to rock and roll!
  • Bring your best shutter to capture the precious moments!
  • Bring your best fearless personality to have fun!

Special thanks to Alex’s Angels (Ms Chia, Ms Sutiono and Ms Natasastra)! We made it, with a bang! Take care and a warm hug for you!


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