Desa Beda Dunia – Gili Islands – Lombok, Indonesia

Desa Beda Dunia “Village of a Different World” is located at the end of Gili Trawangan. Limited 12 bungalows are available for tourists to escape the crowds from the core of Gili Trawangan which is popular for the night life.

“Joglo Villa” (Typical Javanese House) was chosen for our 1 night stay in Gili Trawangan. Each Villa has its own sea view and terrace to relax. What I like best is the traditional furniture and the unique decor. I got an instant flash back to the 70’s.

The bathroom is super exotic with the stone carved wall! The tap water is salt water. But a big ceramic urn with fresh water is available to rinse ourselves from the salt water bathing! My ritual was being cut to a short one, as I could taste the strong salty water in my mouth!

There is no air conditioner in the room. No panic attack, as the sea breeze is cooling enough throughout the night.

Overall, I will recommend this hotel to people to experience the culture but the room can get quite eerie at the night as limited lighting is available. There is only a thin line between eerie and romantic. And I think it is eerie!

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2 thoughts on “Desa Beda Dunia – Gili Islands – Lombok, Indonesia

  1. i just came back from this well recommended hotel and as u said, true is it a traditional javanese joglo house. The owner’s wive is from Yogjakarta, i was told. What a beautiful memory..

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