Apollo Victoria Theatre, London – UK

When I summarized my visit to UK during the 2010 summer holiday, I decided that I must watch a play in London!  Based on a strict selection, we finally pinned down, the award-winning, one of the longest-running, vocally-stunning plays, which was “Wicked” in “Apollo Victoria Theatre”.

The Apollo Victoria Theatre is a West End theatre, located near Victoria station.  With the capacity for 2000 seats on two level, iconic old building and superb district, it has been the home of many plays since then, as per listed below:

Alas, I so want to watch “The Sound of Music” and “Saturday Night Fever”.

There are 3 songs that stand out from the “Wicked” (My Pick):

  1. “The Wizard and I” by Morrible, Elphaba
  2. “Defying Gravity” by Glinda, Elphaba, Guards, and Citizens of Oz (appeared in GLEE)
  3. “For Good” Elphaba and Glinda (appeared in GLEE)

For me, it is a good watch but not the best. The first part (Act I) is better than the second (Act II). Nonetheless still worth every single penny of mine!

For my other article about UK, please refer to https://travelwithoutborders.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/london-eye-%e2%80%93-london-%e2%80%93-uk/


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