Anantara, Seminyak , Jl. Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura), Bali – Indonesia

Anantara hotels, resorts & spas are the upscale hotel chain spanning from Asia to Middle East and most recently, Africa. Originated from Thailand, Anantara has been well received by the world with its distinctive design in the strategic spot. Anantara, of course, has never forgotten Bali as the Island of God.  Anantara, Seminyak premiered in Bali in April 2008 and the upcoming Anantara will be located in Uluwatu to compete with BVLGARI.

My scorecard for Anantara, Seminyak:

Grade Comments
A- For the room. Grand, modern, luxurious and I have my own jacuzzi. Yay!
D For the lobby.  Basically just a simple desk to welcome a guess.
C For the hotel location. Apart from the astonishing beach view, the parking space is a total let down!
B- For the swimming pool. You can reach end to end in 8 strokes.
A+ For the lounge. Have I mentioned “ SOS“is a fabulous lounge? Stunning sunset, relaxing “bedroom” and electrifying lounge music.
B – For the beach. Not as rowdy as Kuta! Not as private as Nusa Dua!
B For final grade

Thinking of proposing to your partner of life?

  • Choose the brightest diamond! (Tiffany &Co?)
  • Choose the most romantic song! (I Will Always Love You?)
  • Choose the most comfortable “red bed”! (Refer to my pictures!)
  • Choose the perfect timing! (Sunset!)
  • Choose the most stunning place! (SOS Anantara)

And Jackpot! I can hear the wedding bell already! (Of course, you have to make sure that 70% she will be yours before the arrangement!)

For more about Bali, please refer to:

For more about SOS, please refer to:

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