How could I travel so often?

I got this question a lot of times!! I don’t have Bill Gates as my dad, I’m not a CEO of a company, I’m not a steward (yet) and I don’t have a sugar mummy. (In case you wonder, and how much I hope I could have these). Sometimes, the reality sucks, but I’m still a corporate slave, working my ass off.

But again, these are few tips that you would like to consider.

1. Credit Card
It is the next big thing after cash! I couldn’t deny on the evil roots of a credit card but I always use it on company’s behalf (entertainment purposes) for my job. Try to accumulate your expenditure and convert it to miles. My personal magic swipe is Citibank Premier Miles.

2. Savings
Budget carefully your monthly saving, track thoroughly your monthly billing, and don’t overspend!

3. Friends
Be nice! Be humble! No one is more superior to the others! Make friends globally! Choose your buddy selectively.

4. Luggage
Minimalist is always good. Travelling is not about fashion show for me. So, try to pack as casual as possible to prevent the check in luggage charge.

5. Leave days
I only have 15days of leave per year! Pre-planned it ahead, lump with the public holiday and enjoy a longer break.

6. Lifestyle
My lifestyle is far from extravaganza. I don’t use Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, Macbook, etc. I don’t have LV, Gucci or Prada. Get the hint?

7. Priority
Set your priority right? For myself, I’m cool with budget flights and hotels. But no negotiation on good food! (Okay, I have to admit. I’m a glutton)

Hope the tips are useful for your planning. So lastly, happy travelling!


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