Pantai Bira, South Sulawesi – Indonesia

Bira, Bira Bira…….! I heard the name very often and it turned out to be purely electrifying. From Makassar, you need to drive 5 hours away. Blue dominates the whole excitement. But alas, the government should really look into the pavements. Expect a lot of pot holes nearing to the beach!

I was there during Ramadan month, and the city was entirely the smaller version of “Resident Evil”. But fear not, for divers and snorkelers, it is still the impressive mini sharks, huge groupers and colourful corals that matters. The tide can be severe at certain timing. The coconut rows can be inviting for a dry throat. But remember still, nude sun bathing is a no-no (Welcome to Indonesia!). For party animals, this is not a place for you (Don’t say I never warn!J)

Powdery white sand Bira beach is memorable for sure. The beach can be dirty at certain stretch, thanks to the littering jerks. Fortunate I, the part in front of my mini resort (Mangga Lodge, which I will review next) was a darling.

My Chauffeur for the day has gotten the license to navigate in the spaceship, and I could only chant in my heart to my own God to prolong my eventful life for another 50 years or so. And by saying that, we conquered the bumpy journey in one piece and 4 hours! Fiuh, next time I should try on general anaesthesia instead.

Lastly, Celebes adventure will never be complete without Bira for sure. It is one of Sulawesi’s greatest pearl


8 thoughts on “Pantai Bira, South Sulawesi – Indonesia

  1. Hi, I plan to visit Bira Cape with my family ( me, my husband, 3 daughters- 12, 6, 5 -, my parents and my parents in law ) on December 2011. Please give me information about the beach and accomodation . Is it safe for children to play at the beach? And does the Mangga Lodge have private beach, so we can reach the beach only one step out the bungalow?
    Thanks for your review, it’s really helpfull.
    Cheers, Diva

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