Mangga Lodge, Pantai Bira, South Sulawesi – Indonesia

Being spontaneous traveler is always risky but fruitful! So there were we, planning for a Bira trip with no hotel being booked and no route being planned. My chauffeur was the driver and i was the navigator (sort of).

We were so determined to stay in Bira for a night and there was Mangga Lodge came to our rescue.

We felt in love instantly and kept gushing about the Mediteranian design (or maybe a bit like town of Zorro?). The owner, Elvis, is a nice guy with great knowledge. It was only established since last year and looking for 6 rooms very soon! The air-conditioned room is nice and warm water is available for shower. Group seafood party can be pre-arranged with early notification. Not the mention the superb view from the observation deck.

I have no complains but admiration for Elvis. Really hope that Mangga Lodge will do well! So my travel maniac, what are you waiting for? Bira + Mangga Lodge are definitely a great catch ( + Value for money!).

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