My Painful Breakup

This is the longest love-hate relationship I have ever had. Sadly, the decision is final and we will separate with immediate effect due to my future commitments. But we remain amicably and friendly afterwards. I’m the sole decision maker and she is just a recipient with no objection (Chauvinist Pig?). That is our level of understanding. Cool, isn’t it?

After a period of 10 years, it is very easy to come out with “5-things-I-love-about-you”:

1. Security
Despite there are lot of dead bodies around the news recently. I still feel safe because I’m with you.

2. Education
The education with you was difficult. At one point, I had ever thought of breaking up with you.

3. Cleanliness
You are always clean and green. No spitting, no smoking and no littering (Maybe we should do “pot”!). Love you!

4. Entertainment Hub
You know I like indie movies, comical musicals and serious plays. And I truly appreciate for all the tickets that I could get from you.

5. Friends
You have broadened my social cycle! I’m glad to have met all sorts of people, including weirdo! And what I like about you, you don’t discriminate!

You have shaped me to a better person with a better personality. And I would like to say, I’m still in love with you Singapore!


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