Malino, South Sulawesi – Indonesia

Balancing the Yin and Yang inside our body is a must! Nesting in one of the busiest port in Asia, I have always wanted to escape for a no frills getaway. Lucky enough for Makassar-ian, they have Malino which is just one and a half hour drive away.

Tranquillity is the word! I couldn’t feel more peaceful enough being surrounded by lots of pines and sipping my hot tea while witnessing (thanks to my gluttony friends!) how tasty a roasted corn can be. For horse lovers, jump to their back and ride on it will be splendid too.

A day trip is more than enough to highlight Malino, unless I have a Bali style mansion to hide in. (Yes, we peeked into a few nice mansions and started to dream it was ours!).

The main attraction (for me) is the Takapala waterfalls. Located a few kilometres apart from Malino with the great layered paddy fields is a lust for a nature lovers like me. Remember your swimming trunk and goggle to experience the waves among the beautifully carved stones.

Enjoy the pictures!


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