Garuda Indonesia

Dear Indonesian, when was your last time travelling with Garuda Indonesia? I guess a lot of people might consider this as a suicidal attempt. Actually, it is not hard to empathy them.

Since the first set up in 1949, Garuda Indonesia has suffered 12 fatal accidents and one hijacking. From June 2007, Garuda, along with all Indonesian airlines, was banned from flying to the European countries. And not to mention the notorious, Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 (26 September 1997), flying from Jakarta and crashed in Sibolangit (North Sumatera), due to low visibility, killing all 234 on board. It is noted as one of the deadliest aviation incidents in Indonesia. Prolonging the red report card situation, Garuda almost went bust!

In 2005, Emirsyah Satar joined Garuda Indonesia as a CEO to save the national carrier from the brink of further humiliation to the nation, leaving his lucrative banking career. Now, Garuda Indonesia is listed as a 4-star airline by Skytrax and named as the World’s Most Improved Airline by Skytrax during 2010 World Airline Awards in Hamburg.

Not to be biased, I got a chance to fly with Garuda Indonesia on my recent trip. And truthfully speaking, the costume and service of the flight attendants, the elegant and steely fuselage, really got my review back to the black mark on the report card. Bravo Mr Satar!

And lastly, even BBC aware of Garuda Indonesia:


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