Where is travelwithoutborders?

It has been 18 days with no social life except work.
It has been 36 meals with ordinary taste.
It has been only 8 sessions of jogs + sit ups + push ups with no dragon boating.
It has been forever for the feeling of not knowing where I am.

Finally, a night with good old friends, breezy downtown and a lot of great meals was here. On my way back home, I gave a light slap to my face and said: “Damn! I’m in Hongkong now!”

Not to forget my highly recommended food trail in Hong Kong:
1. Tsim Chai Kee (98 Wellington Street Central), for the King Prawn Wanton Noodle.
Note: Menu is available in English!
Yummy-o-level: 4/5 stars
2. Kau Kee Resturant (21 Gough Street), for the Beef Noodle. Their famous patrons include Donald Tsang and Tony Leung!
Note: Menu is not available in English!
Yummy-o-level: 4.5/5 stars

Special thanks to Ms Wong, Mr Jioe and Mr Tjiawi.


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