Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Singapore

Ever wonder which hotels in the world have the grand entrance? Personally, I will go for (one of them) Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. I think life is never fair once you are located next to the ultra modern and stylish Changi Airport, no?

Nothing is more convenience if you would like to sashay your way to the airport or waltz your steps to Singapore Expo in minutes (Seriously!). No more early morning calls needed from the receptionist for sure. And you just need to take 20 minutes taxi ride for the luxury downtown shopping.

The room is comfortable yet efficient in a minimalist way. Bring your iPod to enjoy your favourite music while having a hot bath tub therapy will be ideal. Another highlight is the swimming pool with the tropical feel of South East Asia facing the Singapore’s iconic air traffic controller. Life is just beautiful, isn’t it?

My only complaint is the “seek-a-permission” policy before taking pictures in the lobby. I still couldn’t swallow the security reasoning until now.

Lastly, it is a 3/5 stars experience!

2 thoughts on “Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Singapore

  1. i am ‘amazed’ that there’s still hotel that does not allow photo taking in the vicinity, even to the guests. Lourve Museum even allows visitors to take pictures (so long as no flash). Someone needs to get off his high horse.

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