One Night in Beijing

Beijing is “normally” best to visit during their Golden Autumn which runs from September to October with the weather ranging from 10C to 25C. I was there for a night looking for the “Golden Autumn” and I got “Dusty Autumn” instead. For once I thought it was my eye sight playing a trick on me during landing. And don’t be too surprised if you could get a mild asthma after a 3 nights stay in Beijing.

As the normal gluttony me, craving for a very local delicacy is a must! I bumped into Beijing Hua’s Restaurant with the recommendation of my senior. Located in 235 Dongzhimennei Street (Dongcheng District), it is one of Beijing’s good catch. The street is often dubbed as GuiJie (a.k.a. Ghost Street). Don’t expect to encounter a ghost buster at night, but hundreds of restaurants to light up the street.


  • Ambience: Cosy! It is a classic Chinese mansion turned restaurant.
  • Patron: Very diversified with all sort of nationality.
  • Menu: Thanks God! It is available in English.
  • Price: We ordered 6 main dishes + 1 dessert for the price of RMB 400 (can feed up to 4 pax)
  • Service: Fast serving with great service
  • Dishes: I’m particularly impressed with their roasted duck and fried banana

Bon Appetit and Happy Sunday!

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