Padang, West Sumatera – Indonesia

A down-to-earth trip I must say, nothing fanciful with 3 gorgeous fellows: Mr-I-Am-So-Bitchy, Mr-I-Am-So-Anti-Social and Mr-You-Know-Who!!

-Padang, West Sumatra capital city
-Bukittinggi, situated 90 km by road from Padang.

What to Do
Sianok Canyon (Ngarai Sianok), formed from the gigantic earthquake zillions years back. Worth the sightseeing!

Japanese Caves (Lubang Japang), underground tunnels built by the Japanese with multiple compartment for Indonesian slave to bloodily (I mean it!) work for them. Not to mention the eerie feeling that I get by a big hole to dump the corpse down the 60 meters high valley. Thumbs up for preservation by the government!

Fort de Kock and Zoo (yes, zoo, you read it right!): Can give it a miss! Totally time wasting!

House of Bung Hatta: You can see but you can’t touch. Enough say!

Clock Tower (Jam Gadang): Must visit! Not because it is superb, but what is Singapore without its Merlion?

Harau Valley is a fantastic valley with lots of paddy field and waterfalls (Sorry, I have a fetish for waterfalls!). It’s like a grand canyon in a smaller scale! God, please bring me to Grand Canyon by this year!

Anai Valley is Harau mini-me with waterfalls and beautiful river!

Pantai Air Manis (Sweet Water Beach): It is most famous for Batu Malin Kundang (Stone of Malin Kundang). Nothing to boost about the stone, but the sunset is superb!

Kerinci Lake and National Park: The morning view of the mountains + clouds = heavenly heaven! (Mr-You-Know-Who thinks that Bromo is 100x more beautiful than Kerinci)

Where to Stay
Splurge: The Hills Bukittinggi Hotel, Love the style not the room!
Medium: Best Western (Padang) Hotel. Modern touch with cosy feeling!
Budget: Can we call it a road trip without sleeping in the car?

What to Eat
-Gulai Itiak (Bukittinggi) = try the spicy (I mean it!) beef, duck and chicken. Bit pricy but worth the travel!
-Tepi Pasang Street (Padang) = a night stroll (dinner time!) for alien with bottomless tummy!
-Christine Hakim (Padang) = Things can’t get any crispier and spicier with Christine! Mind you, it’s not the celebrity!


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