Jakarta in 15 hours!

It is a tricky task to enjoy Jakarta in a day with no traffic jam. During the Lebaran day (a massive celebration for the Muslim around the world after one month of fasting), I was in Jakarta to get pampered by good foods, great scenery with fantastic friends! It was kind of a luxury that I could go to a few of interesting spots in the city within a day with traffic-jam-free. Here we go, to summarize my day:

Vihara Dharma Bhakti (Jalan Palmerah Barat)

I’m not a religious person but can get pretty devoted at times. So visiting a temple is still a norm for me. Vihara Dharma Bhakti is one of the oldest temples in Jakarta. I heard about the existence long time back and decided to pay a visit before the end of my trip.

The temple is dominated by red (of course) and statues of deities. My biggest challenge was to identify the statues; it would take me days to memorize as well (Alas!).

During Chinese New year, the temple is always filled with worshipers and beggars (not to mention photographers?). But visiting this temple during the major festival will be a great obstacle of incense sensitive human being. I will advice to bring your oxygen mask and goggle to prevent the nonstop tearing from the burning incenses and candles. Trust me; it is unlike aromatherapy at all. It will be a massive joke to get toxicated inside a temple.

After finished my routine “ritual”; I left the temple for a good food.

Dapur Babah (Jalan Veteran 1, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Dapur Babah is another chain restaurant from the Tugu Group. Please refer to my previous post for the Tugu Group(https://travelwithoutborders.wordpress.com/2011/07/17/shanghai-blue-1920-%e2%80%93-jakarta-indonesia/).

The restaurant itself is much bigger than Shanghai Blue 1920. And I couldn’t stop admiring the attention to the details and the intensive collection of the art pieces inside the restaurant. The theme is “Babah”. “Babah” means cross-culture between the Chinese and the Javanese. For the cuisine, I do not feel that they have the best peranakan food in town. But for the history, it is kind of rare to find such a place to chill.

If you are looking for a restaurant + museum with a freaky feeling to scare your kids out (especially at night), this is the best place!

My tummy was still growling, so we went to the next restaurant to eat

Ragusa (Jalan Veteran 1, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Ragusa is the place to get a no additive/preservatives ice cream. And it offers a homey 80s atmosphere to chill out. Be careful of the crowd, as it might be difficult to get a seat during holiday season.

If an ice cream couldn’t pacify the anger of your tummy, you can continue the Chicken Satay/ Krupuk Kuning/ Otah Otah (fish) outside the premise. The price tag is cheap and the taste is edible.

Tugu Monas (National Monument, Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta)

With the height of 132m, it is an eye catching monument surrounded by greenery patches and ponds in the heart of Jakarta. Catching a nice sunset in Monas can be pretty warm too. I was there witnessing the fun of cycling, the breeze of jogging, the sweat of basket ball-ing and the art of fly kite-ing.

Pssttt! the flame at the top is covered with 50kg of a gold foil.

Goodbye and goodnight, Jakarta!

PS: Thanks to my local guide, Mr WS and Ms FL!


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