Vatican City

Vatican has been always in my imaginary travelling notebook since young. Being one of the most sacred places in the world, I couldn’t help but just wonder what the history behind it is. I might not be able to do the legend story telling in a page. But I hope I could bring some light to your future travelling plan to this smallest state in the world.

Vatican is totally enclave by Rome, Italy and they are separated by lines. The size of the country is approximately 1km x 0.9km with the population of 900. Vatican is a dependant to Rome for the airports and most of the transport system but they still have their own ATM (in Latin). If you are planning for a touch and go trip, you could finish in 1 hour (you will miss out a lot of details).

Remember some of the scenes in the popular adaptation of Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and Da Vinci Code by Ron Howard? It is the iconic St Peter Basilica complete with the pillars and obelisk. Get ready to be enthralled by the genius architecture and masterpiece sculpture inside the church. This place is always crowded from dawn till dusk, be patient of the queue which might last for 15 minutes (lucky you) to 2 hours!

Personal recommendation:
Climb up to the top of the cuppage in St Peter Basilica to get the million dollar view of the entire Rome and the greenery Vatican Garden is a must!

You can do it in 2 ways:
– Pay 7 EUR for 30 seconds lift-ride + 320 steps up
– Pay 5 EUR for 551 steps up (I’m on budget and this was my pick!)

The staircase might be slightly challenging for human with the characteristic of vertically too tall, horizontally too plump, internally too weak or externally too big (Sorry!). Not to mention the slanted pathway reaching the top.

Watch your dress code, it’s holy sector and not a beach!

What I miss:
The spiral ramps inside the Vatican Museum. Not to repeat my miscalculation, the closing hour is 4pm! But I promise to myself, I will be back for this!

Special thanks to Ms Shun for accompanying me!


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