The simple and unique Den Haag, Netherlands!

Den Haag or most commonly known as The Hague is the concentrated area for the parliaments and governments in The Netherlands. It is easily accessible from Rotterdam The Hague Airport or Amsterdam Schipol Airport. And due to the close connection in between the Dutch and Indonesian, it is not a rare sight of Indonesian restaurant around (to my liking)!

It can get a bit chilly over the November month, and I choose to bike around under the cloudy weather. Two wheels creature is a very common view in Den Haag, not to mention that they even have their own dedicated lanes.

May I share a few tips to (bi) cycle in Den Haag:

1. Get the authorized bike! You don’t want your wheels to fall off.
2. Remember to get the chain lock too. Better be safe than sorry, lock your bike to something permanent and not move-able!
3. November can be as cold as 5C to 12C in the morning. Prepare more warm clothing.
4. Get your map, plan your trip, know your way and be vigilant.
5. Water! Hydrate yourselves as often as possible.

6. Donuts or snack! Make sure your tummy is well taken care of in the middle of nowhere.
7. Rucksack! For all the cameras, drinks and foods!
8. Cycle on the designated lanes. And always take note of the traffic lights for bike.
9. Always cycle perpendicular to the tramway track as the wheels can easily stuck on to the rail.
10. Have Fun and enjoy your ride!

And this is my favorite route:

1. Start from the panoramic Scheveningen Beach in the south. Though it is winter, local will still flock to the beach for water sports. Remember to visit the pier too!

2. Cycle to the Peace Palace!

3. Roam around the Binnenhoft!

4. Walk around the Centrum for the restaurants, museums, churches and malls!

Enjoy The Hague!


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