10 things I love about San Francisco!!

1. Visit the dark, cold chamber in the Alcatraz and relax myself for the breathtaking San Francisco’s skyline.

2. Standing in the middle of Civic Center and admiring the City Hall!

3. Grab the pole and sway like a monkey in the cable car.

4. Visit Fort Point for a walk along the iconic Golden Gate Bridge!

5. Exercise myself on the hilly terrain (Russian and Nob Hill) and hydrate myself well!

6. Get my seafood and grab my seat facing the bay in Fisherman Wharf!

7. Waiting for the sunset at Ocean Beach (Western Shoreline). The view is just superb and priceless!

8. Immerse myself among the international brands in the shopping blocks, Union Square!

9. Carry my map and plan myself well for a walk in Golden Gate Park!

10. The view of the Bay Bridge (San Francisco to Oakland) from Alcatraz is visually pleasing too!


3 thoughts on “10 things I love about San Francisco!!

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  2. Oh I miss San Fransisco! King of Thai especially! One of my best memories on my US travels, other than New York 🙂

    Great photos Alex. Is it me or your photos have gone lots better?? New gear, or simply more skilled? 😀
    And I love how you put your watermark..clever!

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