City of Paris in 16 hours!

I was a bit anxious about my Paris trip for being too short and too mono-lingual. Apart from “Merci beaucuop” and “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”, I’m lost, big time! Fortunate I, a prodigy, almost a decade younger than me, was there to my rescue. The task for him was ultra challenging, showing me (a first-timer) Paris in 16 hours! No Joke!

So, we started our trip by 8am in the morning and ended it slightly before mid night. And the stubborn me, always prefer to walk for the culture and scenery in winter. There were we, all wrapped up with the most elastic rubber shoes, ready to conquer Paris!

1. Notre Dame. Thrill Factor: 2.5/5 stars

What to take note:
– Climb up the South Tower to get a sneak peek of Paris city.
– Walk to the garden at the back for the gothic architecture of Notre Dame
– Take note of the “Rose Window” inside the cathedral

2. Musée du Louvre. Thrill Factor: 4/5 stars

What to take note:
– Best to visit early in the morning to beat the crowd. Hundreds would obediently queue for the smile of Mona Lisa.
– It is the world’s most visited museum with the average of 15,000 people for a day. Look at the queue and you will understand what I mean.
– Rumor has it; you might need 2 days to finish the whole segmented galleries!

3. Arc De Triomphe Du Carrousel. Thrill Factor: 3/5 stars

What to take note:
– A smaller version of Arc De Triomphe. It took only 2 years to build (Let’s compare with Arc De Triomphe below!)
– The best spot to take a snap of Musée du Louvre and Jardin Des Tuileries!

4. Jardin Des Tuileries. Thrill Factor: 3.5/5 stars

What to take note:
– Catch your breath next to the fountain before heading down the road to shop.
– You might be able to view a very small Eiffel Tower from here.

5. Place De La Concorde. Thrill Factor: 3/5 stars

What to take note:
– Andrea Sachs threw her phone in this fountain (The Devil Wears Prada).
– Louis XVI was executed here

6. Avenue Des Champs Elysees. Thrill Factor: 4/5 stars

What to take note:
– One of the most glamorous streets in the world for upscale shopping!
– Stand in the middle of the traffic and enjoy the magnificent Arc De Triomphe.

7. Arc De Triomphe. Thrill Factor: 4.5/5 stars

What to take note:
– Double the size of Arc De Triomphe Du Carrousel and it took thirty years to build.
– It has the second best 3600 view of Paris after Eiffel Tower.
– Watch out for the sunset!

8. Palais De Chaillot. Thrill Factor: 4/5 stars

What to take note:
– The best place to view the grand Eiffel Tower
– The architecture is superb but mostly being ignored because of the excitement for Eiffel.

9. Tour Eiffel. Thrill Factor: 5/5 stars

What to take note:
– Pre booked your ticket to get the pass to the top floor or else you will end up in the 2nd level observation desk only
– Bigger than my imagination, and extremely touristy!
– If you are game for some exercise, you can climb the stairs instead of lift.

10. Rue St Honore. Thrill Factor: 3.5/5 stars

What to take note:
– Most of the upscale brands are here and it’s quieter than Avenue Des Champs Elysees.

11. Musée du Louvre + Tour Eiffel at night. Thrill Factor: 5/5 stars

What to take note:
– There is something magical about Eiffel and Louvre at night which I just can’t describe it with words
– Wait for the sparkling lights to joy up the nighttime ambience in Eiffel!

12. Sacre Coeur. Thrill Factor: 3.5/5 stars

What to take note:
– End your night with a walk in Sacre Couer; the view is just superb from the top of the hill.
– Stroll around Sacre Coeur for a nice café to hang out!

At the end of the day, I should say, thank you, well done and good luck, Mr Kosen!

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