Central Park – New York City, USA

I woke up and visited Central Park early in the morning with a hope to jog with Jennifer Aniston! Alas, she totally forgot about workout and went out with Mr Theroux instead! Central Park is one of the most iconic parks in the world with hundreds of movies/ TV series being shot here. Eg: Serendipity, Home Alone 2, When Harry Met Sally, Sex and the City, Friends, and a lot more! And it’s very hard to justify the park in words, so let the pictures do the talking!


3 thoughts on “Central Park – New York City, USA

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  2. a friend of mine told me that it smells like horse poo in Central Park, is it true? hehehe

    doesn’t matter though.. i still want to visit it one day.. eating new york hotdogs sandwich in the park.. then going to MSG to watch an NBA game..

    one day.. one day we will..

    i envy you sia!

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