Castle No 1: Hohenschwangau Castle – Bavaria, Germany!

I saw the photos of Hohenschwangau castle a few years back in a popular traveling website and couldn’t erase the beauty of the castle from my mind after that. I always thought it would be my biggest feat to visit 2 of the most beautiful castles in the world (Castle No 2 will be featured in my upcoming article).

Once I had a short trip to Germany, I seized the day and made my way to the castles. A lot of warning about the winter surrounding the castle, so I put up 5 layers of top and ready to fight the snow!

As a boy from a tropical country, it was a fiesta to my eyes along the journey to the castles. The nearby city, Fussen, was like a wonderland to me. The Bavarian Alps was like a fairy tale to me. White dominated the whole trip and I couldn’t feel the cold anymore because of my excitement.

Hohenschwangau was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was built by his father, King Maximilian II of Bavaria. The life of King Ludwig II will be discussed in depth on my upcoming article about the Castle No. 2.

It took me 20 minutes walk to Hohenschwangau from the ticket center. And I was totally engrossed with the yellowish castle immediately. The lake, Alpsee, next to the Hohenschwangau had turn to ice due to the -15C winter. That made the view even more thrilling.

Castle No. 2 was even better for my “Search-For-The-Snow-White” trip. Travelwithoutborders will come back soon on that.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the photos!

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