Brooklyn Bridge in movies! – New York, USA

Sometimes, I pity Brooklyn Bridge. Being one of the most talked about; there is always publicity, whether it’s a bad one or a good one.

Bad one:

-Remember the game played by Green Goblin with Spiderman? He has to choose in between Mary Jane and a group of kids on the top of Brooklyn Bridge!
-“The Rock” as part of Fantastic Four created a hoo-hah of a traffic chaos on the bridge just to save a man.
-It was swept by tsunami in “Deep Impact”
-Destroyed by the Alien in “ Independence Day”
-Silence witness of “Godzilla” last few moments on earth!
-Or the familiar a $5 million scene in “I’m Legend”. Will Smith couldn’t even save the day!

Good One:

-Miranda and Steve patched back with a passionate kiss and walk along the bridge in “Sex in The City”!

But, I think, nowadays, all publicity is good publicity. Just look at the never ending human traffic over the bridge…..

I dedicate all the photos of New York City to my new friend, the New Yorker, Mr Chan!

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