Castle No 2: Neuschwanstein Castle! – Bavaria, Germany

This article is actually the continuation of my coverage on Castle No 1: Hohenschwangau Castle. (

King Ludwig II of Bavaria befriended Richard Wagner, the famous theatre director. Ever since then, he was deeply influenced by the eccentricity of Wagner which led to the concept of Neuschwanstein castle. There has been ongoing speculation about the funds for the castle whether it was from the Bavarian public or his pocket money until now.

Before Neuschwanstein even finished, the government was totally convinced that the king had gone out of his mind. Within 2 days of his incarceration, the king and his doctor were found dead in Lake Starnberg. Their deaths are still the biggest mystery to date. Ludwig, in total, spent less than 6 months in the new castle and part of the interior was never finished.

It is an open secret that Disneyland castle was remodeled after Neuschwanstein (Remember the movie “Sleeping Beauty”?). The resemblances are not purely coincidence. I was amazed by the out-of-the-box interior design which was conceptualized around 19th century. Too bad, camera is strictly prohibited inside the castle.

There are 2 ways to reach the hill top from the ticket centre:
1. Hike for free in 40 minutes or
2. Horse Carriage for EUR 6 in 15 minutes.

My personal recommendation is not to miss the magnificent view from the Marian Bridge. The bridge is the greatest spot to view both castles in their epic grandeur of scenery. The nearest commercial port to visit both castles is from the city of Munich. There are plenty of tours to pick for the best price. Personally, I don’t feel there is a suitable season to visit these castles, as they look amazing during the coldest winter (which can easily drops to -15C) or the hottest summer. But pay extra attention to the long queue during fall, it can get frustrating just to wait for hours for the 35 minutes Neuschwanstein guided tour.

Once you have a trip to Germany, these castles are something not to miss! Again, the view is just simple breathtaking! Be your own judge from the pictures below.

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