Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt or often being dubbed as the Germany’s financial powerhouse is a blend of modern skyscrapers with the medieval town. During my visit, the weather was a bit cold and wet. I couldn’t enjoy my leisure stay in Frankfurt to the max. But the German definitely has something more to offer. Their sincerity and their kindness are great plus to the human resources. I’m not too sure if I’m too early to conclude. But to be part of them in a short trip, they have amazed me in many ways.

There were few places that I could and I would remember for a while:

1. Alte Oper
The major concert hall in town which is even better for the lens at night!

2. Romerburg
Remember to stand in the middle of Romerburg with the Fountain of Justice and waltz around for a better view of the most iconic square in Frankfurt. It’s the darling for the postcards!

3. Main River
An afternoon stroll along the river is essential to view most of the museums and galleries.

4. Saint Bartholomeus’s Cathedral
Ever destroyed by the fire, but standing as gracious as ever!

5. Goethestraße
It’s time for confession of shopaholics!

All in all, Frankfurt is great for a day stopover. The trip is even better with a visit to Cologne or Heidelberg!


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