Jakarta, by invitation only!

Jakarta, a city which you can easily fall in love or hate with, is not one of my favorites. Once I received a virtual (what a world!) wedding invitation from 2 good friends of mine, I decided to give it a shot. Apart from the beautiful ceremony, I had a good gathering and great culinary trip. Excuse me for my mediocre pictures, my saliva was flowing too fast that I couldn’t be bothered with anything. Met up with most of my high school friends, some of them are married, some of them are single, some of them are directors, some of them are managers, but I’m proud to say, only one of them is a traveler!

Dear Dewi and Wilson,

Have a great fun in Europe! Till we meet again!


Fried Chix (indonesian style)

Mee Rebus

Satay and Rice Cake in Peanut Sauce (Sate Kacang)

Banana with Cheese and Chocolate!

Meatballs Noodle Soup (Bakso)

Chocolate for bad mood!

Spicy Mixed Fruits (Rujak)

Tiong Sim Noodle


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