Let’s have some wines in Rhine River!

Bacharach, a city that lies next to the glorious long running Rhine River, is definitely a catch for a panoramic photos hunter. Well known for the producer of German’s Riesling, Bacharach has the old city charm.

With only 1 main street in the city, not much time needed to explore Bacharach. But if you have the intention for “medium difficulty” hiking, try their route up to the Stahleck Castle. For now, the castle is used as a hostel and the courtyard is opened for public to view the beauty of the Rhine River from top.

Over my 3 hours trip, I didn’t see more than 10 human beings. And I did the steep hike by myself up and down the Stahleck Castle. What’s the feeling? Eerie! Not to mention the sudden music of classical piano from the hostel.

Thanks to Ms Bencong for the recommendation!

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