France is not complete without Mont Saint-Michel!

Mont Saint-Michel is such a genuine masterpiece as a work of preservation, and it is listed in UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1979.

During the high tide period, there is only a one way access to the tidal island of Mont St-Michel to get to the seaview. However, during the low tide period, you may be able to take a 360-degree walk around the island. But be very alert of the quicksands and the looming tides.

There are many shops and mini museums along the winding path up to the peak; they actually make very good pit-stops to get some memorabilia. The crowd during peak hours might block the way up. To date, the population of the island is only around 40, but easily 3 million tourists hit the island each year.

Despite the whooping number, the medieval architecture is worth the visit! The best part of Mont St-Michel is the Norman Benedictine Abbey at the peak of the island. Be prepared to get amazed at the cloisters surrounded by pillars and gardens. Every single room has its own beauty and story to tell. From the courtyard outside Mont St-Michel Church, get a breathtaking glimpse of the seascape all around on top!

I would recommend Mont St Michel to all dear travelers out there. You won’t regret for sure!

How to reach: 2 hours train ride from Paris to Rennes, and 1 hour bus ride from Rennes to Mont St Michel


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