Springbrook: The rainforest within Queensland!

Springbrook National Park, located approximately 100km away from Brisbane, is often overlooked by the big names around the proximity. Yes, Gold Coast is great with the sun, sea and surf. Brisbane is superb with its relax, cool and casual lifestyle. But Springbrook, nevertheless, has something different to offer.

Personally, I like the exotic “Natural Bridge”, it’s like a waterfall surging through endlessly from the roof into a big black hole.  And for hike lovers, a visit to “Purling Brook Falls” is a must. The 4km track around the 100m water plunge is definitely worth the walk. Be very careful during the wet season, this area is notorious for injuries. However, the walk between the giant rocks at “Twin Falls” provides a different kind of view, and rest assure that it is equally scenic as “Purling Brook Falls”.

During great summer seasons, Gold Coast’s skyline is easily visible from “The Great Look Out” inside the park. The only hindrance is accessibility of public transport to navigate around Springbrook, it’s easier to rent a car for full exploration.

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