Part 2 – The Exterior: Beauty From Outside! (Abu Dhabi)

For the “Part 1 – The Construction: It’s all about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque”, please refer to the link below:

I guarantee, you could barely take your eyes off the mosque along the way approaching it; your fingers would be diligently configuring the camera for the best angle.

Pay utmost respect, it is best not to show too much skin around the sacred place, abaya is provided for female visitors as well. If you have enough time, don’t forget to join the morning daily tour for guided sightings of the mosque (and yes, it’s free!).

Notes on the exterior that worth the read:
– The artificial lakes surrounding the Mosque are 7,874 square meters.
– The main dome’s outer shell measures 32.8 meters in diameter and stands 55 meters in height from the inside and approximately 85 meters from the outside
– The Mosque has four beautiful minarets standing at almost 107 meters each at the four corners

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