Lion Park: Up, Close and Personal With Lions! (Johannesburg, South Africa)

It was a long wait before I finally had a chance to travel to the continent of Africa. My visit to Johannesburg was too short to even enjoy the city apart from the great steak and wines (but believe me, it’s cheap!). But lucky for me, I’ve managed to have a good time at Lion Park!

Personally, I do like animals but I can’t say that I’m an absolute animal-lover. The unforgettable feature of the park is the massive number of white lions, cheetahs, antelopes, zebras and wild dogs. Don’t get me wrong, the park is still worth a visit during the trip to Johannesburg. But I came from Indonesia, a tropical country blessed with many exotic animals. So, it’s no longer my first experience getting up close and personal with some of these animals.

But I’m definitely in love with the natural habitat of African landscape; it’s a true beauty of nature!

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