Vancouver: Grouse Grind Challenge!

There was one day I woke up in Vancouver feeling the lifelessness for not exercising lately. So I decided to challenge myself to yet another popular hiker trail at Grouse Grind, in Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver.

For winter-sports fanatics, Grouse Mountain might be easy with its fully equipped track and terrain. This mountain peaks at an altitude of close to 3km; it attracts more crowds between December to April. For some, it might be a thrill to take the “skyride” up and down the Grouse Mountain. Personally, I found the ticket rather costly though. Instead, I dared myself to take a hike up the steep Grouse Grind trail (which is free!) and wind myself down on the “skyride”.

I’m pretty satisfied with my personal timing of 1 hour 19 minutes to reach the peak. My eyes nearly popped out witnessing another hiker who did it in mere 30 minutes. I guess he must be some athlete of sort!

How to get to Grouse Mountain? Bus 236 – Lonsdale Quay. Enjoy!

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