Day 1 in Mount Rinjani: Moonrise and Sunset!

Route of hike: Sembalun Village to Plawangan II
Level of hike: Easy to moderate
Duration of hike: 7 – 8 hours
Camp site: Edge of the crater (approximately 2,600m)

Blame it on the great weather and companion that I haven’t met in a while; I was overwhelmed by excitement right on Day 1. After a short meeting with the guide and formal documentation session, we’re all geared up for the trip. We began our hike in the early morning just to be in time to see the sunset by the crater later. It was a comfortable walk along the Savannah.

The last 2 hours was excellent training for our butts and thighs! But it was paid off with the beautiful landscape on the high ground of Lombok Island.

Our camp site was at the edge of the crater next to the cliff. It was my first time witnessing the sunset and moonrise altogether. While we have our dinner in Mount Rinjani, Mount Agung is right in front of us, this experience was simply priceless. Unfortunately, we had to end the day a little earlier to preserve our energy. I remember that night, the sky was incredibly clear and stars were sparkling bright before I turn off the torchlight and zip myself up comfortably into the sleeping bag.

The preparation to hike Mount Rinjani can be viewed in this article:


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