Sorrento: A Pleasant Surprise!

City of Sorrento!

For my South Italy backpacking trip, I paid much attention to Capri at first that Sorrento had to be a budget layover. Sorrento is an hour’s train ride from Naples. Little did I know it’s like opening a gift box, it’d turn out to be a pleasant surprise.


The city is seated by the cliff over Naples Bay. After witnessing the sunrise in the early morning, my perception changed. Sorrento is brighten up by the markets inside the small alleys, beautifully decorated with colorful cafes and restaurants frequently patronized by tourists.

Love! Love!

Apart from the touristy feel, I’m definitely in love with the locals. After a nice late dinner in town, I missed the last bus back to the hostel. Desperate as a backpacker with not much money in my wallet, I waved on any bypasser on the road. It didn’t take long for the first driver to stop for me. Though it was 11pm at night, he navigated the GPS patiently and drove me back instantly. Phew! I never knew hitchhiking could be so fun!

Inside Sorrento

Lemoncello, not exactly to my liking – a local signature lemon liqueur, it’s something not to be missed at Sorrento. Before I leave Sorrento for Capri, I took one last glimpse and thought to myself, “Shouldn’t have underestimated you!”

Waiting for the sunset

Sorrento by the cliff!

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