What were the most popular travel destinations in 2012?

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Gogobot users added 10 million travel postcards and stories to their Facebook feeds. Here’s a rundown of the most-shared locations and attractions

The year 2012 was a hot one for travel, what with a record breaking 1 billion people journeying outside their borders.

So what were the most popular travel destinations of the year? More specifically, which attractions did people most often visit?

Based on the nearly 10 million travel stories and virtual “postcards” shared on Facebook by its user, social travel website Gogobot has released a list of top destinations and attractions for the year.

Paris topped the destination list, followed by Las Vegas, San Francisco and Barcelona.

The most popular tourist sites featured in Gogobot’s users’ postcards were the Eiffel Tower in Paris; the Colosseum in Rome; Central Park in New York; Gardens by the Bay in Singapore; and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Most shared travel destinations according to Gogobot
1. Paris
2. Las Vegas
3. San Francisco
4. Barcelona
5. San Diego
6. Bangkok
7. Rome
8. New York City
9. Venice
10. Marrakech
11. Chicago
12. Nice
13. Singapore
14. Madrid
15. Cape Town
16. Los Angeles
17. Granada
18. Rio de Janeiro
19. Istanbul
20. Tula
21. Phnom Penh
22. Washington, D.C.
23. Greater New York City
24. Hong Kong
25. Dubai

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Most shared attractions according to Gogobot
1. Eiffel Tower, Paris
2. The Colosseum, Rome
3. Central Park, New York
4. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
5. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
6. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
7. La Sagrada Família, Barcelona
8. Times Square, New York
9. Balboa Park, San Diego
10. Arc de Triomphe, Paris
11. Trevi Fountain, Rome
12. Disneyland Paris
13. Big Ben, London
14. The Las Vegas Strip
15. London Eye, London
16. Tulum Ruins, Mexico
17. Tower Bridge, London
18. Empire State Building, New York
19. Hoover Dam, Nevada
20. Château de Versailles, France
21. Alibi Restaurant and Lounge, San Francisco
22. Sam Poo Kong, Indonesia
23. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
24. Park Güell, Barcelona
25. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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