Lima, Peru: The first of Latin America!

Once I saved enough money for Latin America, I chose Peru as my first destination. Not to mention the outstanding tales about Peru, the third largest country in Latin America (after Brazil and Argentina). I have always been fascinated by the Andean mountain, Amazon jungle and Pacific coastline. Ultimately, my first stop was Lima, nearly all the connecting transportation starts from here.

Church of San Fransisco

There are often discussions about safety for travelers in Lima. Most would label Lima as crowded and chaotic. Even with the police officers standing at corners of the streets, it didn’t help in improving the image of the city. The traffic congestion and air pollution might have worsen the impression.

Colonial Architecture

But frankly speaking, Lima is not that bad. Apart from the unregulated taxi experience, language barrier and complicated bus system, I have no complaints. To a certain extent, it resembles Manila in Philippines or Jakarta in Indonesia.

Lima at Night

The architecture and culture of Lima served me well as an introductory trip to Peru (in a good way, of course). Sad to say, some buildings are badly neglected by the government with no restoration after being hit by earthquakes (which Peru is prone to).

As interesting as it gets, a day is good enough for Lima. With a big country like Peru, there is much more beyond Lima.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza San Martin

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