Isle of Capri: Sun, Sand and Sea!


One of the main highlights of my South Italy backpacking trip would be the lovely Capri. It’s a hot spot for celebrity sightings, and a perfect getaway for the sun, sand and the sea! But well, don’t go without advanced booking of accommodation, or you might end up wandering.

The view from Via Krupp

Capri is a pretty commercialized place, things can be rather costly. I would recommend backpackers like myself is to do a day trip from either Sorrento or Naples, they have frequent boats to Marina Piccola or Marina Grande.

Close to Capri

In the city of Capri, you can easily find everything from an up-scale shopping mall, a fancy cafe to a beautifully lavish garden. Many restaurant owners have also taken photos with their celebrity patrons and hung them all over the walls. I guess competition must have been very fierce! If Capri is too crowded for you, try Anacapri. It is a more remote and low profile place than Capri.

Blue Grotto

Few things never to miss in the Capri Island:

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is often closed due to the high tides or severe waves. Well, don’t miss out this cave! At first, I was skeptical of the dark and narrow entrance through the cave, it seems just enough for one tiny miniature boat. But once you get inside, you will be greeted by amazing reflection of the turquoise color water to the ceiling. It costs EUR 12.50 for a boat to row you in, on top of which, tip the rower who sings you a song or time for a good 5 minutes dip inside the cave. All in all, the experience doesn’t come cheap.

The Cliff

Chairlift ride to Mount Solaro

The chairlift is only for single occupant, 25-minute ride up to the top, the view of Naples Bay is simply stunning. Mount Solaro is also the highest point of the island. I’m not a fan of height, but the view compensates me well.

Lets swim


Don’t forget to bring your swim-suits! The sun and sea is too inviting for you just to stand around the beach. Strip and soak is the best solution to any of your problems, while enjoying some gelatos on your lap. Life is simply too beautiful, isn’t it?

Via Krupp

Via Krupp

Via Krupp is one of the best locations to photograph amazing rock formation around the Capri Island. This paved-path is so unique that it becomes one of the island’s attractions. After I have seen Via Krupp, I have to agree with all those guidebooks, this snaked footpath has its own “wow” factor

View of the Marina


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