Cuzco, Peru: I love it!

Cuzco from top!

Cuzco, an hour’s flight away from Lima, owns a unique character. With 3,400m altitude above sea level, the air is very thin; some might experience difficulties in breathing, nauseousness and even worse, vomiting. Well, arriving a couple of days earlier in Cuzco may help acclimatize the altitude.

The valley
The valley!

Every year, thousands of travellers visit Cuzco for a range of outdoor activities. Staying near Plaza de Armas gives a lot of ease for travellers. Travel agents, money changers, restaurants and pubs are well located around the vicinity. Based on the size of Cuzco, I was surprised with the exuberance of the nightlife!

The main square
The main square

Despite the strong international exposure, Cuzco is still a place where I could spend 2 days hibernating after a vigorous hike without complaining of any boredom.

Cascading ruins

Inca ruins
Inca ruins

The main square!

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