Top 8 Good Reasons to Travel Alone by travelwithoutborders

Award yourselves with traveling to this kind of place!

Award yourselves with traveling to this kind of place!

1. Enjoy Your Quality Time to The Maximum!
Traveling in group is fun, but what’s even more precious? Is the divine quality and quantity of, sleep. So yay, no more wake-up calls from friends or tour agent. O trust me! You really don’t want to awaken the little monster in me during times of insufficient sleep, hah..

2. Confidence
After many solo trips, you will find more confidence in exploring the unknown territories. It’s not a bad thing at all.

3. You Are Alone But You Are Never Alone!
Lonely? The world is too big to be alone. It is easier to make new friends while traveling solo than group. When I’m traveling in group, I tend to be more introverted than usual.

4. No More Waiting Game!
Hate carrying shopping bags while waiting for your girlfriend/s? Being a solo-traveler, you decide how to go about your own time, your own interests, at your own pace.

5. Less Talking More Reading!
Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s name of the place, because we got caught up talking to friends (sounds familiar?). Since there is no one to talk to, we learn how to appreciate the place better. Reading seems a lot more fun than before!

6. Learn From Experience.
Traveling is not a bed of roses! Sometimes, we get scammed. Sometimes, we receive warm hospitality of the locals. It all makes us remember, not to repeat the same painful mistake again and cherish the great memories forever.

7. Self-Development.
At personal level, we develop as a better person. Traveling alone is a trip to understanding ourselves better which we have yet to discover.

8. No More Being Taken For Granted!
You are your own master of a great itinerary! Most of the time, we are (endlessly) waiting for our friends to come out with it, or vice versa. You, being your own leader, is never going to receive any unnecessary complaints about the arrangements!

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