Project Toothbrush 9: Thailand!

Around the world

Around the world

Very often, we have read many stories about abandoned babies, either because of deceased parents or extreme poverty. We feel much about these sad stories, and yet, we choose to do nothing. We may not go as far as adopting these children, but it’s the little contribution that makes the difference. The perks of being a traveler, is that I collect lots of toothbrush from hotels in different parts of the world. So I decided to start the “Toothbrush Project”. This project emphasizes on the importance of basic necessity in life, the basic well-being of these orphans, who deserve the same we did growing up.

I feel fortunate, I have my fair share of blessings in life, it is time to give back to the community. At present, my target is the orphanages in developing countries in Asia, most of which, I’ve yet to have a chance to visit. But I believe, they will receive this little gift with a smile and I’m contented enough. Last but not least, I would love to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues and friends who have been very supportive. The orphans deserve a chance at living the same as we do. We only live once; spread the love and our live will worth much more living.

Project Toothbrush 1 (October 2013): Roslin Orphanage
Quantity: app 40
Matani, Desa Penfui Timur, dusun 01, RT 01, RW 01,
Kecamatan Kupang Tengah,
Kabupaten Kupang,
Nusa Tenggara Timur

Project Toothbrush 2 (February 2014): Lighthouse Organisation
Quantity: 40
Adoung Village
Prak Pra Commune
Khan Meanchay
Phnom Penh

Project Toothbrush 3 (July 2014): Duc Son Orphanage
Quantity: 70
Ton Cu Chanh
Xa Thuy Bang
Huyen Huong Thuy
Thua Thien Hue

Project Toothbrush 4 (August 2014):  Panti Asuhan Kasih Mulia Sejati
Quantity: 30
Pakis Raya Blok H6 No.11
Bojong Indah, Jakarta Barat, 11470

Project Toothbrush 5 (September 2014):  Jodie O’Shea Orphanage
Quantity: 45
Jalan Pulo Moyo – Gang Telkom II
Denpasar Selatan – Bali 80222

Project Toothbrush 6 (December 2014):  Kampung Majasem
Quantity: 50
Jalan Perjuangan,

Project Toothbrush 7 (May 2016):  Ephratha Home
Quantity: 50
No 42, Jalan Pelangi 16
Taman Pelangi, 48000 Rawang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MAlaysia

Project Toothbrush 8 (June 2016):  Dieu Giac Orphanage
Quantity: 50
Nha Tinh Thuong Dieu Giac
177 Tran Nao St
P. Binh An, District 2
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project Toothbrush 9 (August 2016):  Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services
Quantity: 70
PO Box 49, Sangkhlaburi
Kanchanaburi, Thailand, 71240


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