Sai Kung: Hong Kong’s Best Keep Secret!

Sai Kung

Sai Kung

Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan city synonymous with shopping, eating and business trading, has proven me wrong with its very own definition of serenity. Most tourists visit Hong Kong for its food paradise and entertainment, including me! It is weird that for a city that I could safely call my third home, I did not explore much of it until I saw great write-ups from other travel bloggers. After a two-year stint in Hong Kong, I felt I should do justice to the beauty of Hong Kong’s nature by going beyond its city facades.

Small boats

Small boats

I chose Sai Kung for my first suburban experience. This fishing harbor might be compact in size, but its floating markets and food alleys are full of life and vibrancy. Even the foggy weather could not dampen my spirit to shoot its beautiful scenery. Though not directly accessible from any metro station, Sai Kung is frequently served by minibuses from Choi Hung metro station. While barely mentioned in most travel guidebooks, Sai Kung has definitely stolen my heart!




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